Cinemaxx Junior Enhanced

Enhanced Cinemaxx Junior

What is Cinemaxx Junior?

Missing the yester years when you could go on a romantic movie date with your spouse and watch the lates blockbuster without much worry in the world? Have you ever wonder for how long more you need to wait before you and your spouse could have a romantic cinema outing again?

Wait no more.

Introducing the enhanced Cinema Junior exclusively in Pluit Village. You and your spouse catch the latest movie at Cinema while your kids can play & with our well-trained professional staff who we will take care of your kids, keeping them stimulated and entertained with learning and development programs.

Recommended age is 3 to 8 years old.

Why Choose Cinemaxx Junior?


Junior PV is wired with CCTVs to ensure your kids are within the secure zones and non-authorized people are not allowed.

Secure check-in and check-out procedure with wristbands to ensure your kids are safe back in your hands.

Professional and experience staff to handle any safety concerns.

The waiting zone allows Parents to monitor their kids playing. We allow one nanny/parent per family. We create comfortable soft padding flooring that let kids play without getting hurt


Well-designed zones with stimulating ambience.

Varieties of zones for kid’s activities

  • Moon Theater – Educating kids with fun, interesting, and high moral values animation movies.
  • Neverland – Promoting healthy growth and development, as well as agility and flexibility, the slides and ball pit are for the active kids.
  • Program schedules – activities are scheduled and parents can choose which for their kids.
  • Seasonal specials – During school holidays or major festivals, we will be hosting thematic events and competitions such as recital, spelling bees, and talent shows.


Your kids can enjoy entertainment from:

  • Hogwart’s Library - interactive storytelling that will educate your kids, equipped with costume.
  • Willy Wonka’s Factory - bringing out your kids creative side.
  • Moon Theater – vast options of kids animations that will entertain them for sure!
  • X-Lab – lego, maze, and puzzle to increase your kids critical thinking.
  • Neverland – slides and ball pit that will make your child agile and active.

Relevant and applicable by age.


Situated in Pluit Village, a great neighborhood mall.

Parent’s lounge – An area for parents to hang out and enjoy snacks and drinks while waiting for their kids to finish with their programs.

Food and beverages supply for kids so parents do not need to worry for their kids to get hungry or thirsty while playing in the area.

Programs and Schedule


Start them young and let us stimulate your kids’ brain and memory, promoting critical thinking and problem solving.

Zone Capacity: 5 kids Recommended Age: 3 – 6 years



Cultivate self-expression, and nurture your kids to be confident, empathic and compassionate with stage performances, role-playing dress-ups, singing, dancing, and many more.

Zone Capacity: 15 kids Recommended Age: 4 – 8 years



Drawing, painting, paper mache, and origami art nurture creativity, visual processing, and coordination skills. We encourage the kids not to color-in, but get messy to express their true potential!

Zone Capacity: 15 kids Recommended Age: 3 – 8 years



Educating kids with fun, interesting, and high moral values animation movies.

Zone Capacity: 15 kids Recommended Age: 3 – 8 years



Reading strengthens your kids’ brain, nurturing their wildest imagination in building and making connections from the stories read. Join the book club!

Zone Capacity: 10 kids Recommended Age: 5 – 8 years



During school holidays or major festivals, we will be hosting thematic events and competitions such as recital, spelling bees, and talent shows.

SCHEDULE: Stay tuned to


Promoting healthy growth and development, as well as agility and flexibility, the slides and ball pit are for the active kids.


Facilities and Securities

Kids-Only Lavatory

Comfortable male and female custom-made toilets for your little ones.

Storage & Shoe Racks

Store your kids’ items safely with the provided storage rack. No shoes are allowed into the activities area with soft padding floor, but specially prepared shoe racks are available.

Parents’ Lounge

An area for parents to hang out and enjoy snacks and drinks while waiting for their kids to finish with their programs.

Wristband Check

Each kid will wear a wristband, which will be used as verification for parent pick-up.

Junior Snaxx Counter

A variety of food and beverages for your kids, and we will ensure they are served to them accordingly. Please take note that no outside food is allowed except your kids’ personal water bottles.

CCTV Monitoring

All zones within Cinemaxx Junior will be monitored through CCTV for the safety and security of your kids.

In Case of Emergency

In the event of unforeseen emergencies that require evacuation from the mall, rest assured that our professional buddy will safely escort your kids to a safe zone.

Professional Buddy Service

If your kids accidentally spill something on their clothes, or need assistance to the toilets, our well-trained professional buddy will be there for them.

First Aid Kit

Safety first! A first aid kit is always ready for accidents or injuries.

Food and Beverages

Kids can get hungry easily when they are being active. Check out our menu to fill their stomach, while keeping them happy! Guaranteed kid friendly portion.

Salty / Sweet Popcorn

Beef Hot Dog

French Fries

Chicken Nugget

Sausage & Fries

Butter Croissant

Almond Croissant

Tuna Mayo Puff

Chocolate Croissant

Cinnamon Roll

Apple Danish


Salty / Sweet Popcorn

Jr. Salty / Sweet Popcorn


Corn in a Cup

Animal Nugget

Jr. Burger and Fries

Jr. Creamy Banana Croissant

Jr. Choco Croissant

Jr. Cheesy Croissant

Mix Jr. Mini Croissant
(single 3 variant)


Mineral Water 600 ml

Coca Cola / Fanta / Sprite

/ Iced Lemon Tea 22 oz / 32 oz

Milo 16 oz

Jr. Milo 12 oz

Minute Maid

Teh Gelas

Flavored Tea

Green Tea



Cafe Latte




Apakah ada batasan umur untuk masuk ke dalam Cinemaxx Junior?>

Is there an age restrictions to enter Cinemaxx Junior?


Demi alasan keamanan dan kenyamanan, untuk masuk dan bermain didalam Cinemaxx Junior umur anak harus minimal 3 tahun dan maksimal 8 tahun.

For safety and convenience reasons, to enter and play at Cinemaxx Junior a child’s age should be of minimum 3 years old and maximum 8 years old.

Bisakah anak saya bermain di Cinemaxx Junior jika tinggi sudah mencukupi tetapi umur belum sesuai?

Can my child play at Cinemaxx Junior if the height is within the standards but the age isn’t as required?


Bisa, akan tetapi anak hanya diperbolehkan untuk bermain hanya jika didampingi oleh seorang dewasa / pendamping.

Yes, the child can play, but only if they are being accompanied by the an adult.

Apa perbedaan dari Cinemaxx Junior MBLV dan Pluit Village?

What is the difference between Cinemaxx Junior at MBLV and Pluit Village?


Cinemaxx Junior di Maxx Box Lippo Village adalah integrasi dari sinema dan playground yang mengharuskan orang tua untuk mendampingi anaknya. Sedangkan Cinemaxx Junior di Pluit Village adalah playground dengan tujuan untuk memperkaya, mendidik, dan membangkitkan semangat anak selagi orang tua nya menikmati menonton film di dalam Sinema.

Cinemax Junior at Maxx Box Lippo Village is the integration of Cinema and Playground which requires the parents to accompany their children while being there. Whereas Cinemaxx Junior at Pluit Village is a playground with the sole purpose of enriching, educating, and stimulating the children while the parents enjoy their movie inside the Cinema.

Apakah anak saya dapat bermain di sebuah arena jika telah melewati schedule yang telah ditentukan?

Can my child play at an arena if he/she missed the schedule that’s been set?


Anak-anak akan tetap bisa bermain di arena yang diinginkan, hanya saja tidak akan ada teacher / guide yang akan membantu. Buddy kami akan berusaha semaksimal mungkin untuk mencari cara agar anak tersebut masih dapat bermain.

The child can still play at the area that he/she wanted, but there wouldn’t be a teacher or guide that will assist them. Our Buddy will try their best to find an alternative way so that the child can still play.

Berapa harga tiket masuk kedalam Cinemaxx Junior?

How much is the admission fee to be able to play at Cinemaxx Junior?


Harga tiket masuk untuk hari kerja adalah Rp. 150,000 dan Rp. 200,000 untuk akhir pekan & hari libur nasional.

Harga tiket Cinemaxx Junior akan menjadi Rp. 80,000 jika membeli dengan tiket pertunjukan film. Berlaku setiap hari (termasuk akhir pekan dan hari libur). Satu tiket hanya berlaku untuk satu anak.

The admission price for weekdays are Rp. 150,000 and Rp. 200,000 for weekends & public holiday.

The price for Cinemaxx Junior Admission will be Rp. 80,000 if it’s bought along with a movie ticket purchase. Eligible every day (including weekends and public holiday). One ticket is valid for one child only.

Bisakah tiket bermain Cinemaxx Junior dibeli secara online?

Can Cinemaxx Junior admission ticket be purchased online?


Untuk saat ini, pembelian secara online untuk Cinemaxx Junior belum bisa dilakukan

For now, online purchase for Cinemaxx Junior is not available.

Bagaimana cara saya untuk mendapatkan harga special bundling Cinemaxx Junior?

How can I obtain the special price for Cinemaxx Junior bundling?


Harga Rp. 80.000 hanya berlaku untuk pembelian langsung di TIXX Counter Cinemaxx Junior Pluit Village saja. Pembelian diluar TIXX counter (seperti online, atau di Cinemaxx Regular/Deluxe) tidak akan mendapatkan harga special.

The price of Rp. 80.000 is only eligible for walk-in purchase made at Cinemaxx Junior Pluit Village TIXX Counter. Purchase outside of TIXX Counter (such as online, or at Cinemaxx Regular/Deluxe) will not be eligible for the special price.

Bagaimana cara saya untuk membeli makanan di dalam POS Playground?

How can I purchase food inside the Playground POS?


Pembelian makanan / snack dapat dilakukan dengan cara memindai QR Code atau barcode yang ada di gelang bermain. Untuk pembayaran akan dilakukan sebelum anak check out dari Playground.

Food or snack purchase can be done through the scanning of the QR Code or barcode that is printed on the playing wristband. Payment will be done upon checking out of the playground.

Anak saya memiliki alergi / kebutuhan diet khusus. Apakah aman untuk anak saya membeli makanan yang disediakan?

My child has allergies / dietary restrictions. Is it safe for my kids to buy the food that is served?


Untuk anak yang memiliki alergi atau kebutuhan diet khusus, mohon dicantumkan di dalam form registrasi. Tim kami akan mengecek kembali form registrasi sebelum pembelian makanan dilakukan. Apabila terjadi sesuatu, kami memiliki kotak P3K dan akan menangani nya sesuai prosedur.

Orang tua juga akan dihubungi sesuai dengan nomor telepon yang dicantumkan.

For children that have allergies or dietary restrictions, please state it in the registration form upon registering. Our team will double check the form before any food purchase, and proceed accordingly. If ever something unpleasant happened, we have our first aid kit ready and will apprehend it according to the procedures.

Parents will also be informed through contacting the given number.

Apakah Cinemaxx akan bertanggung jawab atas kecelakaan yang terjadi?

Will Cinemaxx be held responsible for any accidents that happened?


Tim kami akan berusaha se-maksimal mungkin untuk mencegah akan terjadinya kecelakaan di area bermain. Akan tetapi, jika memang benar terjadi, tim kami akan membantu untuk penanganan kejadian tersebut sesuai prosedur.

Pihak Cinemaxx tidak bertanggung jawab untuk kecelakaan yang terjadi di area bermain.

Our team will try their best to prevent accidents from happening in the play area. However, if it does happen, our team will help handle the situation according to the procedures.

Cinemaxx is not liable for any injuries that happened in the play area.

Ticket Price

Rp. 80.000*

Special Price for Junior Admission
for Cinemaxx Parents who purchased movie ticket.

RP. 150.000For Regular Weekdays.
RP. 200.000For weekends and special holidays.

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